ICFOSS is an autonomous institution under the Government of Kerala, mandated with the objectives of co-ordinating FOSS initiatives within Kerala, as well as linking up with FOSS initiatives in other parts of the world, in order to push the agenda of promoting democratic access to information and knowledge through equitable models of production and distribution of software in particular and knowledge in general. In the backdrop of pioneering efforts for free software adoption within the State, driven by a volunteer community and also supported by the Government, ICFOSS came up as an institutional nucleus to further FOSS and other Free Knowledge initiatives. In the last decade, the FOSS ecosystem has undergone substantial change globally and so ICFOSS shall strive to work for the active propagation, promotion and development of new FOSS initiatives. Advocacy and Fostering International co-operation in the FOSS domain are the major initiatives of ICFOSS. ICFOSS also strive to promote Kerala as a destination for FOSS based IT work including Open Source Hardware through creating critical mass of trained human resource and by providing mechanism for market interface. ICFOSS has started on the above concepts and currently within emphasis to FOSS based support services to Government departments, innovators, young graduates and students. There are mainly four research departments at ICFOSS, which includes Language Technology(LT), Assistive Technology (AT), Internet of Things (IoT) and E-Governance.



Padakosham is a English-Malayalam glossary that contains information and technological words with their meaning with respect to IT department.

Dhriti - Bilingual OCR

An Optical Character Recognition system,developed by ICFOSS,to extract text from images, pdf and other non editable documents and to edit/make corrections on them.

Morphological Analyzer for Malayalam

Malayalam Morphological analyser is a computer-based tool that can distinguish words from their root and suffixes.

Malayalam Spell Checker

The spell checker is built as a tool in the LibreOffice. The program is designed to detect misspellings and suggest correct words. Developed in association with the KBC Research Center at Anna University.

Malayalam Text Summarization

A tool that generates a concise and meaningful text summary from multiple text resources such as books, news articles, tweets etc.

Malayalam Font Converter (ASCII-Unicode)

Tool for converting Malayalam ASCII to Unicode and vice versa.

Malayalam Latex Templates

ICFOSS has published Malayalam Latex templates that are easy to use. This contain templates for articles, posters, question papers and thesis.



Social Media Sentiment Analysis For Malayalam

M. Rahul, R.R. Rajeev, S. Shine


A Proposal of Chatbot for Malayalam

S. Sandhini, R. Binu, R.R Rajeev, M.M Reshma


Dependency Parser for Malayalam: A MachineLearning Approach

Nayana. R. M., Rajeev, R. R., Naseer. C


A Chatbot in Malayalam using Hybrid Approach

Praveen Prasanan, Stephy Joseph, Rajeev R R


The services provided through the portal malayalam.icfoss.org are completely basic research results. The source code of the research is available on icfoss' gitlab as per the free software policy. Further research results will be made available in a timely manner.

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